Christmas Through the Decades


Walter Knoll Florist is the Oldest and Largest Florist in St. Louis, we have been family-owned since 1883. We have selected to be inspired by the 1900s and in particular the Edwardian Era (1901-1910). Christmas in the Edwardian era was quite different from the Christmas we celebrate today. With no television, plastic toys, electric bulbs (they had just been introduced to the richest of houses and were yet to become popular), and shopping malls, Christmas then was in no way less grand than the one we celebrate today.  Gold ribbon, tied bow, and crystals were popular decorative items for the Christmas Tree. The top star was almost always homemade, natural decorations like Ivy, Yew, and Laurel were used to decorate the home, with floral wreaths being hung all around the home. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Walter Knoll family to you and yours!


Signature Suggs Enterprise specialize in professional customs and theme results related to lifestyle events. Signature Suggs Enterprise is a company known for thinking outside the box with decorative knowledge of traditional know-how that overwhelms clients’ vision.

This year‘s theme tree highlights the Chinese culture as a day of festivity.  Their most important festivals include Spring Festival (also known as Chinese New Year), Lantern Festival Qingming or Tomb Sweep Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival.

Enjoy the view and hold dear more holiday memories to come.

🎄Merry everything


We are a non-profit organization of artists and art enthusiasts working to encourage self-expression through the visual arts, and to foster awareness, appreciation and artistic development through educational programs throughout the Metro-East community. The GEAG members are from a wide variety of artistic backgrounds and skill levels.

Our ornaments are all handmade by our artists depicting the news, music, dance and fashion of the fabulous Roaring 20s!

Information about GEAG can be found on our website at


During the 1940’s while America was in the midst of World War II,  the way Christmas was celebrated was a lot different than today. Decorating a Christmas tree involved ideas of simplicity – mostly out of necessity. It is hard to even comprehend the hardships of those living through this time period with the shortage of materials, manpower and rationing. Christmas was always a day to look forward to – a celebration day for the children despite food shortages and loved ones far away. Under the tree, you will see a display of some inventions during this time frame along with games, music, films and books. Also, Bubble Lights were introduced during that time and are still available today.

The ornaments have been created by the residents in Assisted Living, Supportive Care and Nursing Homes in Clinton County, IL with the help of their dedicated Activity Directors during the trying times of 2020. A collection of 375 ornaments is displayed on the tree. Ornaments will be theirs when the Way of Lights is over. Each home is designated by a different colored ribbon.

Aviston Countryside Manor – Aviston (gold)

Breese Nursing Home – Breese (white)

Carlyle Healthcare Center – Carlyle (red)

Cedarhurst – Breese (green)

Clinton Manor Living Center – New Baden (pink)

Trenton Village – Trenton (light green and light blue)

Villa Catherine – Carlyle (red)

Villas at St. James – Breese (blue)


Everyone has at least one special memory of the holidays, whether that’s sitting around the Christmas tree opening presents, gathering at the dinner table and sharing laughter or listening to family stories about holidays past. One thing we all have is a favorite gift from our childhood. The toys on this tree were all part of our favorite memories from our childhood, and ones that we cherish.  We designed this tree with our mission statement in mind – Create memorable experiences.  At The Weingarten, we strive to provide the best experiences we can offer for every guest that walks through the door.

The Weingarten is an open-air wine bar and private event space offering a relaxing, rustic setting located on acres of beautiful countryside. Conveniently located off Route 15 in Belleville IL, The Weingarten is a perfect place to gather with friends and enjoy a glass of signature wine or local beer. We offer wine and sangria to-go! For catering options, call us at (618) 257-9463.


Sawdust & Glitter is proud to be able to present our 90S style Christmas Tree. The decorations on our tree display are all inspired by our childhood and growing up in the 90s. We hope our tree takes you back in time. The signs on our tree are just one of the many types of creations we do at Sawdust & Glitter.  They are all painted and made by us.  Visit us at to view some of the farmhouse signs we create and let us design a sign for your house. We are also able to host your party to design your own DIY project or a Glitter Tumbler. Sawdust & Glitter is the perfect way to get your friends together and have a party to design and create your own Tumbler or DIY project. We are located at 119 East Main Street in Belleville. Stop by and see us this holiday season.