Fundraising Data Analyst

Oblate Missionary Society, Inc.
9480 N. DeMazenod Drive, Belleville IL 62223
(618) 688-7751 Fax (618) 398-5744


Oblate Missionary Society, Inc., a division of Oblate Service Corporation is seeking applicants for a full-time Data Analyst. The Oblate Missionary Society, Inc. is a nonprofit mission development and fund-raising office, located in Belleville, Illinois and San Antonio, TX.

POSITION: Fundraising Data Analyst


  1. This position will have direct responsibility to maintain a process of donor selections, analytical reporting and donor file management for all fundraising activities including but not limited to direct mail, e-commerce, advertising, telemarketing and major gifts. Using historical data, and appended data as appropriate, this individual will provide various multi-year analyses and report generation with key drivers providing actionable data for management decisions.
  2. This individual will be required to understand, apply and interpret statistical and analytical concepts and the measurement of results. This includes the establishment and operations of predictive logistic regression models for optimizing revenue and improving retention & fundraising capacity from the donor database.
  3. The position will be called upon to provide additional support, in coordination with related disciplines (e.g. Fundraising, Analysts, IT, Digital & Electronic, Financial) for OMSI’s reporting & analytics in support of its multiple centers.


  1. Construction of donor predictive logistic regression models for campaign selections for all segments of the donor file, (based on donor’s affinity with certain appeals or groupings of appeals, as well as RFM metrics) in order to increase responsiveness and retention.
  2. Review and report on fundraising results on a campaign-by-campaign basis.
  3. Evaluate the individual elements of mass appeal packages, including tests, to determine their impact on the campaign’s success also make selection recommendations for the upcoming year’s campaigns. This would require careful preparation before each appeal-planning meeting, including detailed presentations at the meetings.
  4. Work in close collaboration with Fundraising Manager and Director doing all necessary research to construct our annual mail plan. Including recommendations to optimize net revenue while maintaining and growing the donor file. Provide a yearly executive strategy brief outlining strategies.
  5. Ongoing analysis of donor long-term value in order to maximize donor retention and cultivation.
  6. In-depth web fundraising analysis (segmentation, contact strategy, targeted messaging, etc.) to increase the effectiveness of internet fundraising efforts.
  7. In-depth analysis of advertising campaigns (effectiveness of individual publications, effectiveness of magazine ads vs. freestanding inserts or FSIs; for effectiveness of various premiums, ad presentations, markets, etc.) to increase the effectiveness of our advertising efforts.
  8. End-of-year analytics to analyze macro data on an annual basis.
  9. Maintains a thorough documentation of all processes, with periodic debriefing sessions involving colleagues.
  10. Participates and shares in a cross-fertilization process for documented skills and best practices with analytics, across MAMI and the larger enterprise-wide staff.
  11. Perform other duties as assigned.

    Essential Functions – Enterprise Level

  12. Development of multi-channel analytics so that all direct marketing channels are integrated, consistent, and complementary, coordinated within a team approach & pathway to include Fundraising, OMSI IT staff and OMSI Digital & Electronic staff.
  13. OMSI Quarterly Fundraising Reports: As approved and assigned, available as Subject Matter Expert for support for development & automation of periodic reporting on key programs, drivers and performance indicators. (e.g. Year to Year and Budgets).
  14. OMSI Enterprise wide Reporting and Analytics Dashboards: As approved and assigned, available as Subject Matter Expert (SME) for of development of Fundraising Dashboards to support multiple fundraising centers.
  15. Ongoing analysis as approved and directed with the Office of Charitable and Planned Giving (major gifts), in conjunction with the research position in that department.
  16. OMSI Selections & Segmentations Operations used within OMSI centers.
  17. Develops proficiency (thru Back up training schedules) to support the standing operating procedures (SOP’s) of analyst colleagues within OMSI. Requirement of OMSI’s business continuity needs.
  18. Perform other duties as assigned.

    Education and/or Experience
    • Bachelors Degree in Statistics, Math, Computer Science, or related field required. At least three plus years of experience working in the related field.
    • Intermediate to advanced proficiency in data analysis, logistic regression, cluster analysis, statistical modeling, and predictive modeling, required.
    • Proficiency in data analysis using R or Python.
    • Experience with Microsoft R Open, is a plus.
    • Experience with machine learning techniques, is a plus.
    • Basic to intermediate proficiency with MS SQL scripting, is a preferred.
    • Intermediate to advanced proficiency in Excel including data analysis, statistical functions & data presentations, required.
    • Demonstrated proficiency creating Reports and Analytic dashboards utilizing SSRS, Jet Reports, Power BI, or other supported tools.
    • Demonstrated expertise in creation of basic business & technical material (e.g. data summaries, process documents, etc.)
    • Experience in direct marketing and non-profit preferred.

Qualified candidates should send resume and salary requirements to