An Adult Understanding of the Four Last Things:

Heaven, Hell, Judgment and Purgatory
Saturday, January 20
10 a.m. – 12 Noon
Guild Center
Online Event Registrations has closed but  you can call 618-394-6270.

Fr John Ettensohn, OMIPresenter:  Fr. John Mark Ettensohn, OMI
Speaker & Retreat leader, Belleville, IL

We are people who are all on the journey of life. Usually one of our biggest questions on this journey centers around just where exactly the journey is leading. Sister may have taught us well in the fifth grade what she knew about life after death, but now we are adults capable of deeper reflection and understanding about life’s mysteries.

In the words of St. Paul how might “the God who began a good work in you continue to bring it to completion?” As adults we can search the Scriptures, the richness of our Catholic tradition, and our understanding of the world for clues as to what we call the last things: death, heaven, hell, judgment, purgatory.