Emanuele Fontanini

November 28, 2021

As disappointed as we were that Emanuele Fontanini was unable to visit us in 2020, we know that our Fontanini followers and customers were equally as disappointed. However, we are anxiously anticipating his return in 2021! As in the past, our date is the Sunday following Thanksgiving ~ November 28, 2021. With the increase in COVID vaccinations and the opening of public spaces, we hope and pray that by November we will be able to host our dear friend again.
Please mark your calendars and continue to check back to see what exciting things we are planning!
Meanwhile, know that we stock Fontanini year-round. While currently stock might be limited, special orders are an option depending on availability from our supplier. Fontanini pieces always make great gifts for weddings, new homes, or any occasion to add to existing collections.
Please keep in mind that prior purchases can be brought back this year for Emanuele to sign, within reason.
Please limit to no more than 3 or 4 pieces.

The Shrine Gift Shop is open every day 10 am – 5 pm
Orders may be placed over the phone by calling the Gift Shop at 618-394-6230.
Shipping available.





2021 Limited Edition:
Jude, Woodsman

2021 Tour Event Ornament

Visit the Shrine Gift Shop anytime throughout the Way of Lights to enter a drawing for a chance to win a Fontanini Nativity Set.

Below are Fontanini items that are available in-store only!  Call for yours now, only while supplies last.  Limited quantities available.

Click on the picture to see all the Fontanini items available!


New for 2021:
Jadon, Toymaker


Holy Family Scroll Ornament

Holy Family Scroll Ornament 2020 LIMITED EDITION #71382


New for 2021

Baskets and Crates