Title:                Jewish and Christian Views on the Stories of Creation and the First Sin
Date:                Sunday, October 22, 2023
Time:               1:00-3:00 pm
Location:        Shrine Visitors’ Center
Cost:                $20
Presenters:    Maharat Rori Picker Neiss and Mark Etling, PhD



The stories of creation and the first sin in the Book of Genesis are core to how we understand the world and our role in it. But is there more than one way to interpret them? For centuries Jewish and Christian communities have read these stories very differently, and that has led to fundamental differences in theology and worldview. Join us as we explore these texts through Jewish and Christian lenses and uncover how our views on the start of our world impacts our attitudes and behavior today.


Maharat Rori Picker-Neiss, Executive Director of the Jewish Community Relations Council of  St. Louis, and Mark Etling, an adjunct associate professor at the School for Professional Studies at St. Louis University. In addition, he gives Bible study presentations at his home parish, St. Vincent de Paul Parish in St. Louis.