Draw Closer to God this Lenten Season

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Lenten Prayers eBook Why do we “celebrate” Lent?  At first it doesn’t seem like much of a celebration, a time when we make sacrifices like giving up our favorite food, committing to spending less money or unplugging from our phone.

But Lent is much more than making a sacrifice.  It is also about drawing closer to God.  During Lent we must go beyond giving things up and become more mindful of how God is working in our lives.  Lent is a special time when we can grow in our spiritual life through meditation and prayer of God’s Word.

The Missionary Oblates want to help you strengthen your relationship with God this Lenten season. Get your free eBook Lenten Prayers and spend 40 days becoming more faithful to the Gospel, and strengthening your relationship and union with God.

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