Whatever your faith or spirituality, the Shrine welcomes all people to share in its beautiful,
relaxing and serene environment.
A perfect place to visit while paying tribute to your loved ones.

A list of trees and ornamental bushes are available from our local nursery, as well as prime locations for each planting.  They will be installed and preserved by the Shrine’s landscapers.  Brick pavers to are available to honor your loved ones (at an additional charge).

Memorial Planting

Begin a wonderful tradition of celebrating your loved ones’ memory by planting a beautiful memorial tree or ornamental bush at the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows. By planting here, you may visit our gorgeous, peaceful grounds while honoring your loved ones who have passed.  While here, enjoy personal meditation, growth and rejuvenation of your spirit and the spirit of your loved ones. 

Traditional Planting

You also have an opportunity to start a family tradition to last many years into the future. You can arrange to have either a beautiful tree or bush planted for your family. Wrapped in God’s love and grace, come watch it grow as your family grows. You can remember special moments through the years as you enjoy the beauty of our magnificent grounds.

The following plants are available, and site locations for each plants specific needs.  Pick your site!

Blue Point Conifer 
Blue Spruce 
Crabapple Tree, Pink 
Crabapple Tree, White 
Dogwood Tree, Pink 
Dogwood Tree, White 
Hydrangeas, Blue 
Hydrangeas, Pink 
Hydrangeas, White/Pink/Red 
Japanese Maple 
Magnolia Trees, Fuchsia 
Magnolia Trees, White
Magnolia Trees, Yellow 
Maple Tree 
Redbud Tree
Rhododendrons, Lavender 

Rhododendrons, Red 
Rhododendrons, White 
Rose Bushes, Cream
Rose Bushes, Magenta
Rose Bushes, Red 
Smoke Tree Check pricing and availability
Spirea Double Play® Gold or Doozie®

Ordering will be based on availability.  To better cater to the plant, installation will be completed during the spring and fall seasons.

Please contact Beth at 618-397-6700 or emertz@snows.org
for pricing and availability.