Early in his public ministry Jesus appears as a healer.  Think of the beautiful scene described in the first chapter of Mark’s gospel (1: 32-34).  It is the account of Jesus healing all who  came to him at the house of Peter’s mother-in-law.  He didn’t pick and choose as though one person was more worthy than another.  He simply healed all who came to him.
There are numerous stories like that in the gospels.  Over the centuries, but especially since the rise of modern science and of biblical criticism, those stories of healing have been of special interest and controversy.  Were they truly miracles that science could not explain?  If a modern doctor could examine those cases what would his diagnosis and conclusion be about what happened?  Were they a type of faith healing, attributable to the power of suggestion?

Whatever interest or importance such questions may have, they are beside the point for us as believers.  Jesus never presented himself simply as a healer of bodily ills, a wonder-worker who invited people to follow him because of some startling phenomenon they witnessed.  In fact, he often instructed those he healed not tell anyone.

Most of those instances when Jesus touched someone’s life by his healing power are explicitly linked to faith. To the blind man of Jericho Jesus said: “Go, your faith has   saved you.”  And there was the synagogue official whose daughter had died.  Jesus told him: “Do not be afraid; only have faith.”  To the woman with a hemorrhage Jesus said: “My daughter, your faith has restored you to health.”

The important point about those healings is their connection with faith.  Where faith was lacking Jesus power to heal was limited.  Because God chose to give us free will he chose to limit his own power.

Now there’s a sobering thought.  What can effectively block Jesus’ power coming into our lives is a lack of faith.  The converse is very consoling.  If I approach Jesus with openness and genuine faith, his power, his peace, and his love will begin to flow into  my life.

Our faith tells us that same Jesus with that same power to heal wants to heal us.  But we need to recognize that Jesus came primarily, not as a healer of bodies but of the spirit.  He came first and foremost to heal the wounds of sin. His healing grace is always and everywhere available, if only we open our minds and hearts to it.