We need to remind ourselves that we do not make ourselves worthy of the call.  God does not call us because of our gifts, our talents. It is not some gift or talent of ours that somehow qualifies us to be called.  It is God’s call, God’s love, that makes us worthy and gives us the strength to respond.  We must not refuse to answer the call or excuse ourselves on the pretext our contribution to the mission of witnessing to Jesus and his message is so small as to be unimportant.  It is a subtle temptation to think what I am doing is so insignificant that I am freed from making serious effort.

Here is a story to counter that temptation.  There was this old lady who used to walk along the seashore after the tide went out.  She would look for any starfish that had been trapped on the shore, pick them up and throw them back into the water.  Someone, seeing what she was doing, asked her, “Why do you bother doing that?  The shore is so great and the tapped starfish so numerous your efforts really don’t matter.”  The old lady picked up the next starfish she saw, threw it into the ocean and said, “It does to this one!”

Finally, there is a wonderful passage in a book entitled The Breath of Love by Michael Quoist.

If each word were to say: one word does not make a book;
there would be no book.
If each note of music were to say: one note does not make a symphony;
there would be no music.
If each brick were to say: one brick does not make a wall;
there would be no house.
If each drop of water were to say: one drop does not make an ocean;
there would be no ocean.
If each kernel were to say: one kernel does not make a wheat field;
there would be no harvest.
If each one of us were to say: one act of love does not save mankind;
there would never be justice or peace in the world.
The book needs each word.
The music needs each note.
The house needs each brick.
The ocean needs each drop of water.
The harvest needs each grain of wheat.
Humankind needs you, as you are, where you are.
No one can take your place.