Preaching Christ and Singing the Blues in the Lament Psalms Today
  Dr. Stephen Breck Reid
2021 Montalbano Lecture
March 3, 2021
7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Virtual Lecture presented by the Oblate School of Theology

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The Gospel writers used Psalm 22 as part of the deep background of the Passion narrative.  The gospels give us strategies of interpretation, as do the African American Gospel and blues.  Psalm 22, a Psalm of Lament, helps us excavate racial and gendered violence to see the work of Christ in our world.

The lecture will review the rise of the twentieth century’s anti-lynching movement and its relation to the #SayHerName movement of the twenty-first century.  The cries of nameless women lurk in the Psalms of lament if we linger long enough to hear them.

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