When Mental Illness Hits Home

Friday, August 26, 2016
9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Cost:  $40 (lunch included)

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Illinois Continuing Education Units  Offered for Attendance
5.25 CEUs, LCPC and LCSW – $20

“What’s Happening in St. Clair County: The Courts, Mental Health & Drugs”
BrendanKellyPresenter: Brendan Kelly
St. Clair County, IL State Attorney
Brendan will begin our program with an overview of what is happening in the courts in our area, how the system works and how it treats people who have a mental illness and are addicted to drugs. He will also explain how the courts’ approach has evolved from punishment to treatment.

“Life Turned Upside Down: Telling My Story”
HeidiHoffmanPresenter: Heidi Hoffman
Heidi had it all – Air Force wife, loving mother and active member of her community. Slowly and gradually, it all began to slip away as she started dealing with her depression by self-medicating, first with pain pills, then crack cocaine and finally heroin. As she grew more desperate, she turned to prostitution and stealing as a way to pay for her illegal drugs.

Sober since June 1, 2013, and a graduate of Winnebago County Drug Court in 2014, Heidi will share what her life was like during the time of addiction and what her life is like now. Join us for this inspiring story of someone who hit bottom, but came back to live a full and satisfying life.

“Winning Half the Battle: Knowing You Aren’t Alone”
FrChava16APresenter: Fr. Salvador (Chava) Gonzalez, OMI
The world is full of addictions: Substances or habits that numb us, give us a temporary feeling of security and happiness, and a false sense of being in control. Fr. Salvador will share his own story of a diagnosis of anxiety and panic disorder and his subsequent struggle with alcohol and prescription drug addiction. He will talk about letting go of the fear of labels and the judgment of others and reaching out for help. He will share about the role his faith, family, friends and professional help played in his journey of recovery.


“Hope and Help for Mental Health”
Presenters from the National Alliance on Mental Illness Southwestern Illinois (NAMI SWI) will share their own personal experiences and information on local NAMI support, education and advocacy programs. They will give an overview of their Connection, Peer-to-Peer and In Our Own Voice Signature Programs which highlight recovery, rehabilitation and empowerment for individuals living with mental health conditions.

Presenters: Matthew Gauen, NAMI SWI Connection & Recovery Program Coordinator
Tricia Hogan, NAMI SWI Peer-to-Peer Education Coordinator
Jennifer Gerlach, NAMI SWI In Our Own Voice Program Coordinator.

“Please God, Let Them Get Caught”
The Court System’s New Approach to Offenders with Serious Mental Illness
Symptoms of severe mental illness can sometimes become so heightened (due to people not complying with their treatment) that they become dangerous to themselves or others or become involved in criminal activities like stealing or trespassing. The criminal justice system has recognized that jails are ineffective for individuals with a serious mental illness. Special courts and programs play a significant role in ensuring that persons with a mental illness receive appropriate treatment, maintain medical compliance, restore relationships
and assume accountability for their own behavior.

Presenters: Debbie Humphrey, Assistant Director of St. Clair County Mental Health Board
Corporal Therese Suarez, Fairmont City, Ill. Police Dept. and Adult Redeploy Coordinator, 20th Judicial Circuit Court.

“Why Won’t They Help Themselves?”
A Doctor Looks at the Non-compliant Patient
Family members’ frustration levels can mount when their loved one with a mental illness is non-compliant with treatment: Doesn’t keep doctor/counselor’s appointments or doesn’t take prescribed medications.
Dr. C. Alec Pollard, Director of the Center for OCD and Anxiety-Related Disorders in St. Louis, will discuss treatment options including medications and how best to interact with loved ones who will not cooperate with their medical treatment. Dr. Pollard is a licensed psychologist who treats a range of obsessive-compulsive and anxiety-related disorders, with a special interest in patients ambivalent about or resistant to therapy.


Karla Smith Foundation
National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows
NAMI Southwestern Illinois
St. Clair County Mental Health Board


Chestnut Health Systems
Karla Smith Foundation
Victorious Missionaries and many more!

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